Nail Elixirs
Cuticle   Skin Conditioning Créme
Cuti-Quench treats rough, dry skin and cuticles. Promotes healthy nails with a powerful anti-oxidant formula. Enriched with Avocado oil and vitamins A & E, and delicately scented with aromatic extracts of Ginger & Fuji Apple. Paraben Free.
Nail & Cuticle Oil
Cuti-Cocktail penetrates the nail matrix to condition cuticles and promote healthy nail growth. Contains Evening Primrose, Grapeseed and Aloe oils. Scented with aromatic extracts of Ginger and Fuji Apple. Clean, convenient dropper cap ensures easy, precise and hygienic application. Paraben Free.
Cuti-Clean Cuticle & Stain Remover
Cuticle & Stain Remover
Cuti-Clean gently softens cuticles while removing stains and dead tissue. Paraben Free.
Cuticle & Hand Conditioning Créme
Treats rough, dry hands and cuticles and promotes healthy nails with a powerful antioxidant formula. Enriched with Avocado Oil and Vitamins A and E. Delicately scented with Ginger and Fuji Apple.
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